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Other Ways We Walk the Walk


39. Re-usable, washable cleaning rags and dust-cloths.

40. Seventh Generation eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

41. Chemical-free cleaning of glass doors and mirrors.

42. Avoid use of aerosol cans whenever possible since they cannot be recycled at the curb.


43. Kitchen waste (excluding animal products) is composted and used for the garden.

44. Pesticide-free garden producing organic cherries and pears, plus …

45. herbs (rosemary, mint, sage, chives, fennel, tarragon), …

46. as well as many of the flowers we use for the guestrooms and dining table.

Ways We Re-Use…

47. Non-disposable (sanitized) glasses and dishes in the rooms.

48. Cloth napkins at breakfast.

49. Facial Tissues from recycled sources

50. Re-use plastic grocery bags for shopping and other uses.

51. Out-of-service linens, pillows, towels go to shelters and other charities.

52. Pass on egg cartons to rural friends (who raise chickens) who want them

53. New washable re-usable glass canisters with fridge-filtered water (as alternative to
plastic water bottles

Ways We Reduce

54. Purchase large, bulk sizes (flour, oats, rice, etc.) to reduce packaging waste.

55. Use permanent gold coffee filter instead of disposables.

56. At breakfast, we serve home-filtered water instead of bottled.

57. Use local products whenever available results in using less fuel travelling for shopping.

58. Put out one container or less of trash for the weekly municipal pick up.

Ways We Recycle

59. Recycle at the curb: newspaper and mixed papers, cans, recycle-coded plastics, bottle caps, all jars and non-deposit bottles, corrugated cardboard.

60. Take non curb-side recyclables to the recycling centre: foam meat trays, milk cartons,
plastic bags of any kind (washed), plus all other plastics not permitted in curb-side
collection (cottage cheese container lids, foam cups, plastic pull tabs, non-recycle
coded plastics).

61. Old cell phones, computer peripherals, etc., go to a reputable recycling facility.

62. Recycle paints, paint thinners, turpentine, etc. at the paint store.

63. Recycle batteries (including guests’ discarded batteries) at battery recycle centre.


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Binners & Edward Davidson, Innkeepers

58 Linden Avenue
Victoria BC, Canada V8V 4C8


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