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Eco Living Around the B&B

Here are some of the ways we act sustainably at Binners’ Bed and Breakfast …

Turn off lights in empty rooms (except where necessary for exit routes).

Zone heating in all the rooms … guests have individual controls for each bedroom, sitting room and bathroom.

Turn off computer when not in use.

Turn off room and floor heats in empty rooms.

Energy efficient natural gas water heater and clothes dryer.

B&B was designed with multiple skylights energy efficient windows, to use available daylight and sunlight’s heat.

All the skylights are openable to allow heat to escape in summer … inexpensive cooling.

Switched from oil to zoned electric heat backed up by natural gas fireplaces.

Only as-needed, sheets and towels changed.


We’ve greatly reduced the size of the lawn, so much less water is needed.

All bathrooms have efficient low-flow, ‘water saver’ toilets and …

water-saving, adjustable-spray showerheads.

Dishwasher is run only when full and …

only in Energy-Saver mode.

Most of the natural gas fireplaces are thermostat-controlled to avoid over-heating and fuel wastage.

Curtains and blinds are left open on winter days, so the sun warms the rooms naturally.

Most room area rugs are wool (renewable resource) instead of synthetic.

Our renovations included energy efficient windows, extra insulation, draft proofing, etc.

We purchase locally whenever possible, saving fuel and time (and supporting local businesses and trades people).


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Binners & Edward Davidson, Innkeepers

58 Linden Avenue
Victoria BC, Canada V8V 4C8


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