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Here are some of the ways we act sustainably at Binners’ Bed and Breakfast … Turn off lights in empty rooms (except where necessary for exit routes). Zone heating in all the rooms … guests have individual controls for each bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. Turn off computer when not in use. Turn off room and floor heats in empty rooms. Energy efficient natural gas water heater and clothes dryer. B&B was designed with multiple skylights energy efficient windows, to [...]


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Cleaning 39. Re-usable, washable cleaning rags and dust-cloths. 40. Seventh Generation eco-friendly dishwashing liquid 41. Chemical-free cleaning of glass doors and mirrors. 42. Avoid use of aerosol cans whenever possible since they cannot be recycled at the curb. Garden 43. Kitchen waste (excluding animal products) is composted and used for the garden. 44. Pesticide-free garden producing organic cherries and pears, plus … 45. herbs (rosemary, mint, sage, chives, fennel, tarragon), … 46. as well as many of the flowers we [...]


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There are ways to save the environment in the office too. We re-use the backs of printer paper for draft copies of documents and set our print quality to draft mode and grey-tone instead of colour. We send e-confirmations instead of hard copies. We purchase copy paper which is from recycled materials, and pay most of our bills by computer instead of using envelopes and stamps. View faxes as e-faxes to save having to print them (especially if junk).


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Living right in the city, we find it easy to be a one-car family. Not only do we have only one car to maintain, but we have saved the manufacture footprint of a second car.  Interesting to consider we bought it 2 years old instead of new … we didn’t have to earn the footprint equivalent of 2 years worth of depreciation. We drive the car with the usage gauge displayed, to encourage efficient driving habits … and we tune [...]

Sustainability Actions

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1. Our in-room and in-suite lamps have energy saving bulbs that last and last and last.For reading lamps we use brighter 23 watt bulbs and for accent lamps we use 15 or 13 watt. 2. For laundry, we use Charlie’s All-Natural Laundry Soap. It’s hypo-allergenic, non- toxic, certified bio-degradable.It is filler-free and highly concentrated; so that we only need one tablespoon per large load. 3. This saves shipping (think ‘carbon output’) as well as packaging, and storage costs for retailers [...]

Energy Star appliances at Binners’

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Aged appliances have been replaced with a GE Profile Energy Star slide-in range,  a Bosch energy and water saver tall tub dishwasher,  and the Maytag high capacity,  low water usage laundry system … these use less power,  less water,  less soap.    

Eco-friendly sheets

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On a recent shopping trip, we came across an improvement on the high thread count standard sheet sets we use throughout the B&B and we will continue to replace sets with this fabulous new standard. 500 thread count pima cotton sheets sets (made in Portugal) unbelievably easy to iron and now ECO-friendly.  There’s the white and the off-white (unbleached and natural fibres).  Please write us for source and pricing info.  Big hint … Macy’s




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